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Covenant Church of Schaumburg - social media

Revitalized Social Media Presence

I played a significant role in strengthening the Covenant Church of Schaumburg's online visibility by revamping its social media presence. This included:

  • Reviving Inactive Accounts: I reactivated the church's existing Facebook and Instagram accounts, allowing for the dissemination of fresh and relevant information about church activities and services.

  • Expanding Reach: I created new accounts for the church on Twitter and LinkedIn, establishing a broader online presence and fostering connections with a wider audience.


Engaging Content and Events

Through these revitalized and new social media channels, I fostered engagement by:

  • Sharing Informative Content: I consistently posted relevant and newsworthy content about the church's life, keeping the community informed and interested.

  • Creating Church Events: I actively initiated and promoted church engagement events to boost morale and encourage participation within the congregation.


Overall Goal: Growth and Relevance

These efforts aimed to leverage the power of social media to achieve two key objectives:

  1. Maintain Relevance: By keeping the online content fresh and engaging, I aimed to ensure Covenant Church of Schaumburg remained relevant in the digital sphere.

  2. Attract New Members: An active and informative social media presence hoped to attract new people to the church, fostering the congregation's growth.

By implementing these strategies, I laid a strong foundation for Covenant Church of Schaumburg to thrive in the digital age.


Target Audience:

  • Young adults, aged 18-30, Adults, aged 30-50, and Older adults, aged 60+

  • Families

Social Media Platforms:

  • The company allowed platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Content Calendar:

  • Developed a content calendar to plan and schedule social media posts.

  • Included a mix of blog post promotions and church insights.

  • Leveraged Christian holidays as awareness days and relevant events for themed content.

Measurement and Tracking:

  • Monitored key metrics such as reach, engagement, website traffic, and leads generated from social media.

  • Used analytics tools to understand which content types and platforms resonated best with the audience.

  • Regularly reviewed and adapted the strategy based on data insights.


Overall, there was an 18% increase in organic impressions.


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