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Digital Ads

Digital Ads designed for Amazon products

Digital Ads designed for Zoro Tools

Zoro Tools-alien invasion web ad
Zoro Tools-email ad_2
Zoro Tools-email ad_1

Digital Ad designed

for Net56.

I designed this digital ad email as part of an A/B test for Net56 to determine the impact of design complexity on open rates.


The test compared a minimalist email featuring a single image with a fully designed email created using Constant Contact.

A/B Test Results:

  • Minimalist Design (Single Image): 10% Open Rate

  • Fully Designed Email (Constant Contact): 5% Open Rate


Key Takeaway: The A/B test showed a significant increase in open rates (100% increase) for the minimalist email design featuring a single image compared to the fully designed email created using Constant Contact.

Digital Ad for A/B testing

E-Rate 2023 email ad.jpg

A: Digital Ad


B: Fully designed Email

E-Rate 2023 email ad.jpg
E-rate email.jpg
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