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We are a family of five and ALWAYS busy but we feel like there are times when reviews of some things are lacking, or just aren't sufficient for our needs. We try to find things to incorporate into our entire nuclear family and learn something new.


Some of our adventures will include reviews of restaurants, products, toys, and events. Nothing is sponsored but we know it may happen at some point. We just want to share love and fun and hopefully honest reviews of things to help others out - we are doing these things anyway, so why not share with others and maybe learn something new?

About Us:


  • William is my amazing husband who works super hard! By trade he is a senior business analyst, project manager, etc

  • Lisa (Me) - by trade, I am a creative (notice this website & blog?) graphic designer. Have a full-time job, also freelance design, and am always learning new ways to stay organized.

  • Nick is our oldest and loves school, soccer, Minecraft, dinosaurs, and painting minis (mini characters)

  • Luke is our middle child and enjoys soccer, Wii, Minecraft, and painting minis

  • Allie is our youngest and she loves to dance, play with Barbies and color EVERYTHING

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