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Restaurant Review: Culver's, Schaumburg ,IL

Restaurant Review: Affordable, Family-Friendly

Culver's logo
Culver's is advertised as "Farm to Table"

First Impressions

The outside was clean and seemed to be well-kept.

Inside the ordering area was clean and the menu was easy to view.

Table & Menu

We found a table away from the direct sun and it seemed clean.

We all, that's right - ALL FIVE of us ordered from the Kids menu ;)

It has just the right portion sides for us, plus the free custard!

  • Nick: cheeseburger with pickle and fries

  • Luke: plain burger with ketchup and fries

  • Allie: grilled cheese with fries (she fell asleep, so her brothers ate half of her food)


All of the associates seem to help out and share responsibilities, so the person we ordered from did a great job in making sure our order was accurate, and then another associate brought us our custard after we ordered it.

The Final Score

  • Delicious food

  • family-friendly

  • decent prices that didn't break the bank

Five Stars

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