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Restaurant Review: Annie's Pancake House, Palatine IL

After #nicholasbc played in his first soccer tournament, we picked Annie's Pancake House because it was close AND my sister-in-law Anne (nicknamed Annie) was visiting.

They serve All Day Breakfast, lunch, and dinner which is perfect for my kids who love to pick chicken fingers or burgers (even in the morning).


  • Lisa: ordered the Baby Sampler with bacon and french toast

(One egg with choice of one bacon or one sausage and choice of pancake, French toast, crepe, potato pancake, or biscuits & gravy)

  • Anne: ordered Annie's Sampler with sausage

(Waffle with two fresh eggs and choice of bacon or sausage)

  • William: ordered the Denver Skillet

Layered with Annie's Potatoes and topped with two eggs and your choice of toast, pancakes, crepes, French toast, potato pancakes, or biscuits & gravy. (Ham, onions, green peppers, and American Cheese)

  • #nicholasbc ordered Kids chicken tenders and fries

  • #lucazc ordered Kids plain cheeseburger and fries

  • #AERC ordered Micky Mouse pancakes

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